• Inclement weather policy

    As adverse weather is inevitable during the course of the year golf courses may either close the golf course or operate temporary tees and greens at their sole discretion. In the event of this happening our Inclement Weather policy is as follows -

    Prior to booking date

    Clients should contact the golf course(s) involved in their booking directly to check the details of their inclement weather policy, and to check the status of the golf course if they are under any doubt due to weather conditions. Details of each golf courses inclement weather policy are available directly from the clubs / courses.

    Should you choose not to travel, subject to the policy of the supplier in these circumstances, no refunds are available under any circumstance for cancellations made due to course closure.

    At the golf club

    Golf played on temporary greens and tees is non-refundable and is considered to be an accepted part of playing golf. Please note that trolley and buggy bans occur frequently when a course is wet and are determined by those in charge of the golf course.

    If you are unable to play golf due to course closure at the supplier’s discretion, you may be able to obtain a full or partial refund, or a green fee voucher directly from the club / course.

    Each golf course sets its own inclement weather policy. All decisions regarding full or partial refunds, or green fee vouchers are solely at the discretion of the golf course and are final.

    We cannot be held responsible should inclement weather prevail.